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What the package includes: the product on reserching Irish genealogy records comes in a downloadable “Zipped” format, when unzipped includes an Adobe document and a number of “Word” (word processing templates) and “Excel” (spreadsheet templates. Instructions for downloading “Unzipping” software and Adobe document readers software can be found at the Irish Genealogy support page

Document explaining the process with live “online” links which means you can link to the sites from your “Tutorial document “

  • The most relevant online Irish Genealogy record sites at this time which provide details of records stored in repositories in Ireland and Worldwide
  • Addresses and links to online Irish Ancestry resources
  • How to use the main Genealogy Ireland databases online
  • Detailed step by step instructions on how to use the Genealogy Ireland databases to reduce the costs or tracing your Irish Roots
  • Printable forms to help you research your ancestry in Ireland and keep records by hand
  • Printable pedigree charts for filling by hand
  • Word and Excel templates for your computer
  • Off line application forms for genealogy records in repositories in Ireland
  • Lists of offline and online family tree software for laying out your Irish Roots
  • Online links throughout the document and all together in the same loation at the end of the document
  • Other links for  further study/research of Irish Genealogy records and your ancestry in Ireland
  • Samples can be seen further down the page.


Downloadable Adobe document complete with working links to internet resources

Tutorials showing you how to use People Databases

Tutorials showing you how to use Surname Databases

Tutorials showing you how to use Parish/townland databases

Tutorials showing you how to use Ship/passenger Databases

Tutorials showing you how to use Property Databases

Printable templates to help you search and keep track of your findings + Word and Excel files which you can use again and again and save to your PC.




Printable Fax forms for requests for Births, Marriages and Death certificates for offline work.

Reccomendations for online and offline family tree software.

Links for further study.

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