You want to research your Irish Ancestry but you do not want to spend many hours trawling through websites and archived records trying to research your roots in Ireland. Then why not take a look at our one stop approach for researching your roots in Ireland!!!

At Irish Genealogy we are Irish Authors based in Ireland. We have done many hours of work researching internet and archived resources to find our ancestors and have produced this package to save you time in researching your roots in Ireland. In our straight forward kit we provide tutorials which will:

  • Show you how to use the internet to research your roots:
    The internet is fast becoming a useful and speedier resource to research your Irish ancestry. However there are so many scattered resources throughout the internet that you could spend hours looking for what you need. At Irish Genealogy we have done all that research so that you can start your search today!

  • Identify all the very best Internet Websites containing online Records:
    In the past your only option was to visit record repositories or send a request for information to the repository. This could have taken a very long time. Now at Irish Genealogy we outline all the useful online repositories in Ireland or Worldwide. We provide you will all the links so that with a single mouse click you can research the worlds best Irish genealogy record repositories immediately!

  • Provide step by step straightforward instructions on how to best research these resources:
    The resources are all there waiting for you to research them but you need to know how to find the records pertaining to your Irish Family Tree. We provide you the special method to identify the correct historical data for your ancestors! We also provide screenshots so that what you need to do couldn’t be any simpler!

  • Greatly simplify sourcing historical data offline:
    You may still need to source information from record repositories in Ireland or Worldwide that do not have their records on the internet yet. We provide you the means of requesting records offline!

  • Provide you tools and add ons to simplify your research:
    At Irish Genealogy we provive useful tools specific to researching genealogy records and also rely on the old trusted tools such as Pedigree Charts and Family Trees. We also identify the newest and latest software which will help you build your family tree and also give you the option to easily collaborate with the rest of your family while researching your family tree!


Approximately 75 million people worldwide have ancestors who originated in Ireland. Recently there has been a significant increase in the number of Irish descendants looking to trace their Irish Ancestry.

Even with the advent of the Internet, researching Irish Genealogy proves difficult. A lot of the Irish census data of the 19th century, which would be very useful have been lost or destroyed. In addition, there is no dedicated Genealogy Ireland records centre resulting in the data being very fragmented.

Many people who wish to research their ancestors are not genealogists. Many people of Irish descent Worldwide or even those still living in Ireland may never have looked into tracing their Irish Family tree but are now very keen to find out more about their ancestors who left Ireland many years ago or who may have lived there all their lives. Barack Obama, the new President of the United States is a prime example of one such person.

Considering the difficulties in carrying out research, a way needs to be found to simplify the process of tracing your ancestors. There are websites on the internet that provide information on Irish ancestry, some of them with good information for tracing your ancestors. There are still many records that are not accessible or easily accessible on the Internet and need more effort to access and trace.

There is a need for a single resource that pulls all this information about your ancestors together providing a structured and comprehensive step by step process for tracing your Irish roots. We provide that structured, comprehensive step by step process in a detailed downloadable pack!

What is in this Irish Genealogy kit

If you purchase this pack from us, you will learn about the following:

  • What you will need to begin your search.

  • Information on how to research your roots

  • History of Irish Genealogy Data

  • Details of records available on the Internet

  • Details of records available offline and how and where to locate this historical data.

  • Tools that will simplify your search for your ancestors, such as pedigree charts and family tree templates and other useful research tools.

The document outlines the different resources at your disposal to allow you to access Irish genealogy records for tracing your Irish Family Tree. It is structured in a step by step manner whereby the most readily available resources (i.e. those on the internet) are outlined first. This makes the process more user friendly, whereby if you find information about your ancestors early in your search, it makes subsequent searches of offline resources in Ireland and Worldwide much more straightforward.

Use of Online Resources

There are now a number of resources available online for researching your Irish Family tree and more are being added. If you purchase our kit, the most recently available online resources will be outlined in detail including instructions on how to effectively use them and improve your search for your Irish Ancestry. Several links to online resources will be provided. Several screenshots of the relevant online resources will be provided to simplify their use.

Use of Offline Resources

Even still there are many resources available offline that have not yet been inventoried to allow for searches of Irish ancestry on the internet. Our kit will outline these resources available to you by phone, fax, post or stored in various Genealogy Ireland repositories and Worldwide. Our kit will provides details on how to go about researching these records and the easiest way to access them. In addition useful tools such as record request forms to the various repositories will be provided.


As many people who want to research their Irish Ancestry may not be familiar with the process, they will need to understand every stage of the process. Our kit will simplify the process of tracing Irish ancestry so anyone unfamiliar with the process will find it straightforward.

Researching your Irish roots can be complicated since historical data can be fragmented and there are numerous scattered resources. Many hours can be lost trying to get a handle on tracing these resources or a lot of money may be spent getting someone to do the research for you. With our kit you can save a lot of chasing and begin your search for your ancestors immediately!

So for just EUR19.95 you can save yourself many hours of your valuable time by buying our unique product. We have put a lot of time into putting this product together so that you will save much hours and money tracing your Irish Family tree. We are sure you won’t be disappointed and hope you enjoy researching the lives and history of your ancestors in Ireland. All the best from Irish Genealogy

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